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Mobilities’ Sophomore album, Sideways Days, allows you to escape the mundane of your day, like Luke Skywalker tinkering away at his dusty droids whining to his Aunt and Uncle who were soon to become crispy corpses much like the bacon you over cooked the other day. Mobilities music will allow you to feel the true power of the darkside. Their new album will grant you the strength to actualize your full potential, give you the break you need to feel alive and the drive to press on. Get out your red saber and let your eyes glow yellow as you give in to your feelings.

Mobilities got their start by experimenting with genres from the many places of rock. Half a decade, several West Coast US tours, and a handful of releases later they found a niche which led to the creation of Sideways Days (releases on 3/4/22). They mixed a blend of indie rock, punk, and neo-psych together and created something akin to sporting some old corduroy pants that your mum handed down to you, a tattered jean jacket-vest filled with patches of band names you can’t read, and some old acid that seeped into your skin that was left in those pants pocket from your mum’s last Dead show. They decided that they would let their live shows dictate their new music. Heavy, swirly, and explosive were the song descriptors that felt right and got fans moving. Playing with new sounds and rhythms like a mad scientist inspecting beakers in a lab for color and viscosity. They looked at the music they loved, and dissected the sounds like the frog in your high school science class that you never could quite put back together so you just threw it in the trash (like Frank Reynolds). What Mobilities didn’t do is throw it in the trash, they polished that SOB up and delivered it. For fans of Post Animal, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, OSEES, Idles.


They carefully chose their team of audio engineers to help realize their vision for the album. They chose the beautiful and spacious Hallowed Halls in Portland, OR, and their head engineer, Justin Phelps (Cake, The Dead Kennedys, Dredg), to capture their expansive sound. After laying down the tracks and a healthy dose of production from all members of Mobilities, they handed the raw songs to Stephan Hawkes (Chelsea Grin, Dance Gavin Dance, A Lot Like Birds) to mix and master the songs and bring them to their full potential.

The end product is an explosive journey like Falcor soaring over malevolent lands, or Anakin Skywalker slaying all the younglings, you decide on that one.

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